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List of The Most Ineffective Exercises

Some exercises are so popular that people just follow them blindly without verifying their efficacy or suitability. In fact, there are many exercises that are hugely overrated as far as their effectiveness for your particular fitness goal is concerned. A personal trainer in Bondi can help you to indentify the wheat from the chaff so that you do only those exercises that are more effective in helping you achieve your fitness goal.

However, do remember that overrated does not imply that the workouts should be completely avoided. It just indicates that there are other options available which may be more useful.

The Ab Plank 

The plank is best suited for a Bondi exercise program where the aim is enhancing body alignment. Such program are followed by people who are undergoing rehabilitation after an accident or in yoga where you move on from one position to another in a slow and gradual manner. Ab plank is also great for beginners who have just started exercising as it can help them develop their body balance.

However, the plank is definitely overrated as an exercise well-suited for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, your Bondi personal trainer will make you move on to more rigorous movements like walking lunges and push-ups.

The Bench Press

This is another workout that is extremely popular with fitness buffs around the world. Yes, the bench press is effective and has its own place in a properly-structured workout program. However, this should not be the sole focus of your workout session every time you train under personal trainers in Bondi.

Doing too much of horizontal exercises can lead to imbalances in your shoulder muscles and cause extensive rotator cuff problem. In fact, if you want to follow a truly comprehensive and effective exercise programme, you must include different angles for performing presses; for example the military press or the inclined press. Performing presses only from the supine position will not show the results your desire.

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Knee Extension in the Seated Position
This is another workout that is not as awesome as it looks. This is because when you perform the seated knee extension, you target only a small muscle group i.e. your quadriceps. The exercise does nothing for the other major muscle groups of your body like the core or other stabilizing muscles. You therefore miss out on a whole-body exercise when you do the seated knee extension. That is why your personal fitness trainer in Bondi will always insist more on front squats or walking lunges with dumbbells that provide a healthy workout to all the major muscles of your entire body.

Regular Crunches
Many people think that their regular workout session begins and ends with hundred crunches. Yes, crunches are that overrated in the world of fitness fanatics! In fact, they are considered by some as the best exercise to tone your abdominal muscles. However, personal trainers will tell you that crunches really target only a small muscle group in your abdominal region while putting excessive pressure on your neck and back. So crunches are not only less effective in toning your abs, they can lead to serious injury if not done properly under the expert supervision of trainer.

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